When Amy and Kyle got engaged, we were all so thrilled but not surprised at all.  They have been dating since they were 14.  Yup that’s right.  Amy and Kyle are very good friends of mine - our friendship circles have been tightly linked since early high school.  Amy is an occupational therapist at Livingston and Kyle a teacher at Marist Brothers – don’t they already sound dreamy? Both come from exceptionally loving and supportive families resulting in two very down to earth magical people.  

A few drinks into their engagement party, Amy said “oh ya, Dez – we were wondering if you would be our photographer?” of course I said “Hell ya!!”  And that’s how casually they took the whole affair.  We had to bribe Kyle into having photos taken while he was getting ready by allowing him his own ‘shot’.  Check out the gangster AWEH photo below – that’s all Kyle!

This wedding was not a job at all – it was a celebration of wonderful people. It sounds like a cliché, but I felt incredibly honoured to be up there photographing for them and witnessing this magic at such close proximity.

Amy&Kyle – Congratulations!

Blogging advice always says to stick to around 20 photos. Bwa ha ha – not gonna happen. I just can’t. I even got my boyfriend to help me cull.  I don’t think anyone could get bored of these two though – they’re incredibly beautiful little people. 

So, enjoy……

In the mean time..... My 2nd shooter for this wedding Xavier, was creating this magic with the ever so sexy Kyle
The service was at the Maris Stella school chapel.  It is a breath taking setting for a wedding - but only open to old girls (who are practicing Catholics.) Therefor quite exclusive.  If you fit the criteria, I suggest that you seriously consider a wedding here. Magical!
And now.....onto the reception at the Durban Country Club


08/23/2013 10:53


Caitlin Golden
08/23/2013 11:22

Stunning pics Dez...what a beautiful day! So glad you put up more than 20 :) xx

08/23/2013 13:56


08/23/2013 14:46

AMAZING WORK as always Dez! You know which one is my favorite!!!! You are soooo talented my friend xxxx

emma mary harber
08/23/2013 14:57

Derryn.gosh! Amazing ♡

Amy Bowes-Taylor
09/12/2013 12:59

oh dez, reliving the day - looking at these magical pics over and over!!!

Sophia Basckin
09/12/2013 14:02

Beautiful work Derryn! I loved slowly making my way through these. It looks like it was such a wonderful day and you managed to capture that perfectly.

09/12/2013 15:22

Wow Dez, wonderful pics of such a magical wedding! Thanks for putting up so many!:)

09/13/2013 12:29

The pics are exquisite! So enjoyed looking at them. Such a joyous occasion!


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