Sarah and Richard had a beautiful morning wedding at Kings Grant in Ixopo.  The weather was perfect, the food was THE most delicious I've tasted at a wedding and everybody had a lovely day.

Here's an interesting fact.  Ixopo was given it's name because of the squelching sound a cow's hoof makes when it is pulled out the mud.  Cool huh?

Kirsty and Grant arrived a bit hot and flustered after loosing their way down the back alleys of Windermere Road - but bounced straight into action after an ice cold lemonade was handed to them.  When I say that not 5 seconds went by without one of us giggling, I am not over exaggerating!

This couple has such a warm and loving energy about them. I played it cool on our first meeting and told them to take their time choosing a photographer, do the research and be 100% certain that they get along with the person that'll be all-up-in-their-face on the wedding day.  Inside I was the not-so-cool 10 year old screaming PICK ME, PICK ME!!  As we walked away from our meeting they said that they were going to put an end to the search, they had found their person. :)

The engagement shoot went even better than anticipated. I had come rushing from back to back meetings and was feeling hot, bothered and probably pretty snappy - but 2mins with these two and I was revived!! I got way more shots than necessary. I did not want to stop!!

Kirsty and Grant are getting married later this year at the Docklands Hotel in Point Road.  A refreshing change to the popular Midlands wedding. If you're looking for a good restaurant for date night - you've got to try Wodka.  It's a New York style Bistro boasting an interactive fusion menu. I went with a group of girl friends and we were all hugely impressed!

I bought a couple console jars from Checkers after I had one of these delicious lemonades. Does anyone have a good recipe that they would be willing to share?
I've know Camish for years - we went to same High School, so I was naturally thrilled to hear of her engagement.

Congratulations to the two of you and wishing you luck as you plan your very exciting and unique wedding.

View Camish and Justin's motion picture by Charity Sarah.
The Cokaynes are regular clients.  Gaelyn (my sister) adores her family and takes any opportunity she can to document their lives together.

I'm a bit bored of photographing them all in a tight squeeze, smiling at me through the camera - so decided to do something more active.  I had seen this rock pool in Salt Rock some time ago and was waiting for the right opportunity to use it. 

The idea was to just photograph them doing what they do. What any family would - play, chat, enjoy each others company. 

We woke up at 4am, got there at 5am and started shooting immediately. YAWN!! Chris and Zoe are NOT morning people and both struggled to keep their eyes open. Until they leaped into the water! It was wonderful, it was warm, there were fish swimming around our toes. I got a little creeped out when I stood on something slimy so spent the next 10 minutes treading water, trying to keep my camera dry - those years as a synchronized swimmer paying off!

The early morning was so worth it and I'm pleased that they have a different kind of family portrait to add to the Cokayne wall.

Thanks for brekkie guys.

View The Cokayne Sunrise Motion picture by Charity Sarah.
Nothing like a little tap dance at 6am to get you energized for the day! Thanks Charity for taking 
this shot of my sis and I.
Thanks again Charity.  I don't have many photos of my family AND I, so I'll treasure this one.