Kiesha and Marco are a very cute couple that I met while in East London for an engagement session.  They warned me about 3 times that they were very awkward in front of the camera...but that was utter NONSENSE!!! They were such fun and absolutely perfect in front of the camera.
Yup - they are both called Claire...and they both enjoy horses! 

I shot a wedding in St Francis Bay this past weekend, and decided to spend the remainder of the week with my sister in East London.  I was so glad that I agreed to be up at the crack of dawn to catch this sunrise for a shoot with the Claires...what a breath taking way to start a day. Although we were only 10 minutes from East London - it felt like I was out in the middle of the African bush. (sound track to The Lion King plays in the background!) :)
I am seriously grieving right now!!!

JUST as I was about to hit the 'Publish' button, my internet decided to flip and I lost my blog post.

I am now too angry to do it all over again, so instead am having a rant! Yes, yes - procrastination is not one of my best qualities, but perhaps this will help speed the grieving process along so that I can re-do to the blog post that I spent the whole of Grey's Anatomy doing.

"The internet DID NOT just freak out and close, it's coming back - wait, give it a few minutes - it's coming back!!!"

(Holds thumbs)

"WTF???? NO, YOU DID NOT!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH.....I HATE the African internet.  I want to go back to Singapore where things WORK! I hate my life, I hate my macbook (not sure I really mean this one!) I hate this chair!

(Bangs head against wall)

"Come on, come on, come on....I promise I won't scream at you again little and oh so wonderful laptop - please bring my blog post back. I'm sorry, OK? (Quiet prayer to the internet Gods.)

(kneels in quiet prayer)

"I can't believe this has happened.  SOB! I'm going to have a marshmellow easter egg and a small cry."

(Walks to kitchen, has easter egg and small cry then comes back to laptop.)

"Guess I gotta learn to save as I go along.  My bad!"

(Sit's up straight, ends procrastination session!)
A couple of weekends ago I had some free time, so decided to do a shoot for - FUN!  

I had originally planned to just use one girl, but after bumping into another two enthusiastic young souls the morning of the shoot - plans changed to three.  With 'Foster the People' pumping in the background, clothes and make up strewn all around the room and 3 excited models (and photographer and friend!) ready and excited to go - we were off and unstoppable.

It was a glorious sunny day in Durban and the mood was right.  I'm so pleased with the photos and SO AMAZED that we got a passerby to join us on one of the shots.  He looked like such a thug, but then laughed so sweetly when I teased him about his pout.  Just goes to show!!

Have a glorious Thursday.

P.S - All 3 girls happened to have been or are currently at my old High School - Go Maris Stella! <3