Today I’m feeling grateful.

There are a lot of things to say about the difficulties of being a wedding photographer…but there is a lot to say about anything in this world you choose to focus your energy on.

Right now, I am reflecting on the POSITIVES.  Totally glass half full.

I slept in till 8am -  the sun was up and shining when I hopped out of bed.  I met a client for a coffee at the Bean Green (only the best coffee shop in Durbs) where I now sit editing photos from Saturday’s wedding.  Every now and then I look up from my macbook (and most loyal friend) and watch the people as they move in and out of the coffee shop.  There’s the bald guy with the impressive goaty that smiles sensitively as he listens to the people around him talk.  There’s the couple to my left having a religious conversation and the couple to my right talking about divorce.  I try not to look their way too often in case they think I’m eves dropping…awkward!! Apart from those mentioned - I’ve seen the surfer guy, the corporate lady, the hipster student, the awkward teenager and the vegan hippie.

Man….who gets to spend their morning this way??  Yesterday afternoon, a friend was in here playing his guitar.  I was just starting to hit a bit of a brick wall and was considering calling it a day and vegging…but when he started hitting his tunes and I had something beautiful to tap my toes too – I got through editing the whole reception section.  (Not the most inspiring part to edit!!)

My job has no dress code, no formal work hours, I work wherever I choose.  I watch people, I meet people and every now and then when I’ve been up late editing….I stay in bed until midday dozing and day dreaming about my fantasy life.

Today I’m feeling grateful and I love my job!

WOW – is what I have to say.

I don’t often get asked to cover Kitchen Teas…but these bridesmaids left nothing unthought-of!

From the candy striped straws and old coke bottle to the 1950s wall posters – I felt like I was living my Grandmother's life in the 50s.

Sarah (The Bride) had her wedding this past weekend in Cape Town at Old Mac Daddy’s Luxury Trailer Park.  Bridesmaid AND photographer, Chrisy-Lee (can you say suicide??) covered her wedding – catch a sneak peak on Pickle Photography.  It looks like it was an absolute fairytale of a wedding, and I cannot WAIT to see how the rest of the pics came out!

With a Kitchen Tea like this – you can only imagine how beautiful Sarah’s Wedding must have been….