Summer is without a doubt my favourite season.....slip slops, sun cream, beach, Loopy lollies, surf boards on roof racks, sea gulls, joe cools, denim shorts, salty hair and sandy feet, hot cheeks and tan lines ♥

In Singapore - every day is Summer. Although nothing like Durban's, I'm still grateful for the toasty days. I haven't had a winter in 3 years and only wear a jersey to the movies! BLISS.

Here's a little tribute to my 3 years of Summer.

Thanx Oliver and Abbey for modeling for me. They love the beach as much as I do and were absolute champs!!
I had such fun with these four kids.

They've had an amazing life having been born in Ireland, and lived in Jamaica, Connecticut and now Singapore. Denise told me that Kingston is the number 1 murder capital of the world and it costs only USD10 to make a hit on someone. Can you believe that???? 

It was lovely to get to know and photograph this family...aren't they all just gorgeous?
When Ruth told me that Emma loved to swim - I just knew we had to snap a few of her in the water - and let me tell you this...that kid is a true mermaid.

Our 2 hours together were packed with jumping, swinging, swimming and laughing. 

What a day!
Dan decided to propose to Emma at the Botanical gardens - and further surprise her by having family and friends waiting at the Gazebo to celebrate with champagne and strawberries.

The weather was perfect, the sun set was romantic and everyone had a great time. 

Good job Dan!
Maya has the sweetest little smile that totally melts hearts.  She is going to be such a beauty when she grows up....
Monkey boy is the ONLY way I'll remember little Benjamin.  He was such a sweetie with soooo much energy. He was jumping, rolling, hugging, singing, picking banana's off the wall, then actually eating bananas...SHEW! 

But he loves his little brother Yuri  (happiest child in the world by the way) and they were such fun to photograph.  
The boys are Belgian (speak Flemish) and I was thrilled to understand parts of their conversation from my limited Afrikaans I learnt at school. This has to be one of the greatest benefits of photographing in Singapore - the exposure to so many different nationalities and cultures.