Charity and Reece are the youngest married friends that I have.   Being unmarried and 26, I always wondered how people can commit and KNOW at such a young age who they want to spend their lives with. 

Having got to know these two however, I can see that age means nothing. They love each other fiercely and are incredibly committed to one another.  It's beautiful to watch and I love being in their company!! 

Photographing their anniversary photos in Durban's City Center was great.  Charity is actually Canadian and has made a life here with her husband.  (Commitment eh??)

I hardly ever get to venture into this other world, while I'm stuck up in the suburbs.  Quite a shame really - the architecture of our old buildings is amazing and worth being enjoyed.  Reece was the one who suggested the we climb to the top of the Royal hotel to enjoy the sunset (high five Reece!) and eat the cake that Charity very lovingly baked.

While up there we also got to watch a French/South African production team set up for a spectacular trapeze show that was performed 2 days later.  Now THAT was incredible - but alas, I took that evening off and did not carry my camera. so have nothing to show you.

Enjoy the photos and HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Charity & Reece.

Natalie and Warren got married in Durban on the golf estate of Simbithi - fitting for the golf crazed Mr Beuster. 

Although a scorching hot day, it really was fun and ended in a great party. 

Natalie's beautiful dress was made by her talented mother and the brides maids dresses are Katherine Kidger designs. 
When Same and Ronnie told me that they were having a morning wedding and that my time slot for creative photos was at midday, I did my best to politely persuade them to rather make it late afternoon. I explained about soft warm light and midday shadows etc etc etc. I even pointed out the beautiful golden sunlight falling on Sam's face as we walked out of Vida. at 4:30pm. They listened nicely to what I had to say but weren't keen on cutting their afternoon party short - so we settled with the deal that if the weather was bad and the skies overcast, we would stick to midday, otherwise I'd get my way. 

It was overcast :) and at about 4pm the heavens opened. The storm was bad enough that I had to drive on the N2 with my hazards on. Good call guys!! I could not have been more grateful for a couple not following my advice.

Sam and Ronnie had warned me that they were very chilled and were planning on having a relaxed wedding.  I hear that rather often and let me tell you - it's very seldom true!  I was pleasantly surprised when the day unfolded stress free and with only smiles and laughter.

Wishing you nothing less for your future together Sam and Ronnie.