If you have been following my blog for the past year, you'll have noticed that I had a bit of an identity crisis.  I had a beautiful green logo with a bird made for me by the talented Taryn McIntosh.  While I absolutely adored the logo, I began to feel I was outgrowing it and wanted something a bit different - so I fiddled with a picture that my assistant Micaela had taken of me working, and wrote my name in cursivey writing.  It was cute, but didn't really represent me or say much of my business. 

SO ... I fiddled and faffed, and brainstormed and soul searched.  I thought about who my ideal client would be and how I could attract those kinds of people.  What is MY idea of a perfect wedding and what would make my job enjoyable and satisfying.  Because if I wake up excited to be at your wedding and feel inspired by the love and beauty during the day - I know I'll be able to create magic with your photos.

With a few ideas swimming around in my head (my boyfriend tells me I have Ping Pong brain with all the ideas and thoughts bouncing around) - I received an email from jewelry designer and all round creative person Genevieve Motley inviting me to exhibit at her Pop-up-bridal fair.  What better time to solidify all these ideas I have and launch my new brand???  So here we are 1 month from the fair - and I'm finalizing details, re-designing my website and planning a styled shoot.

If you are a bride-to-be, THIS is the bridal fair you want to attend.  It is small and intimate and has only vendors that Genevieve believes to be some of Durban's best.  I have never done a bridal fair before - but this one appealed to me right away.  If you do attend, please be sure to come say hi. I love talking wedding.  There will be a few give-aways on Sunday as well as a lucky draw on Saturday night where you could be the winner of an engagement shoot with me. (I have a wedding on Saturday, so don't try look for me then - but I'll be by my stand all day Sunday.  I take my coffee with milk no sugar) ;) Thanks.
So back to the new branding...
  I can't share too much at this point BUT I can tell you that there is still some green in there, and I'm loving it.

Stay tuned for more...



Janine Serrurier
09/18/2013 19:00

Well in a few days Alan & I will be celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary, so no guessing I'm not a bride-to-be, but I love photography, love your work, love weddings, am a believer in marriage. An intimate alternative wedding fair ? A fabulous idea! I look forward to your new brand & website. xx


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