Little Madison and her adoring parents have some fun in Balito, Durban.  I did this shoot quite some time back and this blog post has been sitting in my 'Drafts' box.  Not sure why - but it's about time I share them I'd say.

She is SUCH a character and made the best facial expressions and sounds! Kim was bothered that Madison wasn't at her 'best'. I can't imagine what that must look like cos I thought she was fricken awesome!!!!
I haven’t photographed a newborn baby in a while, so was thrilled to meet little Devon.  He was such a good boy, even though we passed him between Mom and Dad, dressed and undressed him and took him outside on the hottest day EVER!

We worked out before the shoot that Robyn’s maiden name was Semple – thereby relating us (OK….maybe removed 100 times!)  I don’ have any cousins, so I casually adopted her :)

My friend and I met this morning for a delicious brunch in Dempsey Hill, so we grabbed the opportunity to snatch a few snaps of Cam.  She is growing so much now and getting the CUTEST facial expressions.  It's just such a shame that babies have to sleep so much - I would have loved to have played more with her!