A couple of weekends ago I had some free time, so decided to do a shoot for - FUN!  

I had originally planned to just use one girl, but after bumping into another two enthusiastic young souls the morning of the shoot - plans changed to three.  With 'Foster the People' pumping in the background, clothes and make up strewn all around the room and 3 excited models (and photographer and friend!) ready and excited to go - we were off and unstoppable.

It was a glorious sunny day in Durban and the mood was right.  I'm so pleased with the photos and SO AMAZED that we got a passerby to join us on one of the shots.  He looked like such a thug, but then laughed so sweetly when I teased him about his pout.  Just goes to show!!

Have a glorious Thursday.

P.S - All 3 girls happened to have been or are currently at my old High School - Go Maris Stella! <3