When Robyn and Anthony first contacted me, they were having their wedding on a Saturday in Durban.  A few months before the wedding, they had to change their date and location to a Friday in JHB. When Robyn emailed to tell me the change in plan, I could sense that she was a little stressed that I wouldn't accommodate her and the change.  But flying from Durban-JHB first thing in the morning with all the business men and their briefcases, holding my camera bag and light stands.  Who would say no to that?? Micaela and I felt like Top class traveling photographers.  Just as well I had the excitement of the flight to get my adrenaline going - it was an early start, a late night and I had shot a wedding the day before!!

Robs and Ant are really such lovely people and were such fun to be around.  Robyn's Dad had the 'coolest' moves I've seen and had the whole room cheering and clapping along  as he boogied with his baby girl.

Thanks for the opportunity of a lovely adventure for Micaela and I.  I wish you two all the best for the future.

This veil has been passed through the family for 100 years. Isn't that just incredible??
I have never seen  a mover like Robyn's Dad.  So impressive!

I had an AWESOME December.  Photos from my road trip will be posted soon!!

In the mean time, watch our Road Trip Movie - it's down there at the bottom of this post.  

It's really rather rad :) :) :)
Goodness me - I have not updated this blog since November and have such a back log of photos to post!  SHOCK HORROR!!!

The reason though is a good one. (I reckon!!) 
In December I left Singapore, and moved back to my home town of Durban in South Africa.  Those last few weeks leading up to my departure were MANIC.  You forget how much there is to do - all the good byes, packing up, tying loose ends.  When I got to South Africa, I had a holiday in Cape Town and road tripped down the coast to Durban with 3 amazing people.  You can check out our Road Trip movie here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3128p599S_4) It's epic!

Once back from Cape Town - it was Christmas, then reconnecting with old friends, then trying to get some work started and now I've just returned from a working holiday on Lake Kariba. (I know - tough life!) ;)

Anyway - I am now home and trying to set up shop.  NOT as easy as I thought it was going to be.  I am just having way too good a time being home.  Not having set work hours makes it hard to turn down social invitations...as well as having a friend who owns the best coffee shop in town. (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bean-Green-Coffee-Roastery/154905321272717)  Go like her page, and if you're in Durban - pop in for a coffee.  I'm sure you'll see me there, pretending to work but more like chatting to the peeps!!!

I'm going to have to get my act together soon though - cos March is going to be crazy.  I will be spending some time in East London and then in St Francis, doing a wedding and some family shoots.  After St Francis, it's straight back to Durbs for another wedding.  I am REALLY looking forward to it.

Right - time to buckle down and get up to date with this business of blogging!!!