Clint and Tracey got married at the cutest little chapel at Champagne Sports Resort - which was followed by a reception at the Dragon Peaks resort in the Midlands.  WOW - the Autumn leaves.  We just don't get them down here on the coast.  What inspiration!

Everything about this day was chilled. Clint shaved outside at his camp site after writing his speech.  Tracey did her own make up while her Mother-in-law worked on her hair.  The wedding march was left at the tent, the best man's shoes were left in Durban - yet no one fretted!!

Clint and Tracey and their two beautiful children were an absolute pleasure to photograph and 'hang out' with.  Thanks for the breakfast the other day you two.  It was a lovely treat and so enjoyable watching you struggle with which pics to feature in your Book. :)

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