I met Heather about 5 years ago when she arrived from Canada to coach my synchronized swimming team leading up to SA Nationals.  I was about to quit swimming at that point, but she helped me find the love again and the enthusiasm for one more year! 

Being a bit of an adventurist, she moved to Norway after her time in SA and met an Irishman called Alex who swept her off her snow covered feet.  Funny - another couple who met on an internet dating site. That's 2 couples in a row!  Alex and I got into a conversation about it and he told me that over in Norway, internet dating is an exceptionally common way of meeting people.

Alex and Heather are in SA this time around as a starting point for their 'across Africa' journey.  For a month they will be traveling from CT to Namibia, into Zambia and back down into South Africa.. I have no doubt that it is going to be one EPIC adventure!

Now - here's the exciting news...  

During our entire photoshoot, Alex was carrying around Heather's engagement ring in his pocket, tied to fishing gut.  He did the stadium swing at Moses Mabhida  with it in his shoe, and proposed to her that evening over dinner.  He had planned to propose while in Namibia watching a romantic sunset...but I guess he just couldn't wait.  I can't blame the guy!!!  I have already got a savings jar on my shelf labelled 'Wedding in Ireland'.

It was so lovely to get to know you Alex, and I'm so pleased that my friend Heather has found such a wonderful man to spend her life with. Even if he IS a ginger (KIDDING!!!!!!)

 loads of love, and can't wait to hear stories from your African adventure.

Sneaky sneak sneak!! 
Heather, My sister Kendra, me and Alex
While Heather and I took a dip in the ocean, kendra snuck a quick photo of the ring. Heather had NOOOO idea!!! 

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