Lolly and Dave planned their wedding from the UK, so the first I heard of them was though Lolly’s Mom, who started her email to me with the following:

“Lolly plans to wear a reproduction 1930’s “silver-screen” satin dress with butterfly twin trains combined with a huge 1930’s arum lily shower bouquet exactly the same as her Granny’s.”

Well…that got my attention!

Lolly and Dave opted for an informal lunchtime wedding at Coco De Mer Hotel in Balito, with the focus of their day being family and friends.  A good portion of time was allowed for mingling and lunch.  There was laughter, chatter, a few shooters and eventually a dip in the hotel pool by a handful of guests.


Thank goodness for the wine fridge.  I thought it would be unprofessional if I cooled off in there, but after seeing the change in the guests after leaving the fridge – I thought it would improve my ability to photograph well if I was in a better (less-dead) condition.

Toward late afternoon, Lolly and Dave said farewell to their guests (who I suspect remained in the pool with a few bottle of tequila) and headed out with Charity and myself to the beach.  

Lolly and Dave, your wedding was beautiful – I hope that the photos contain the love and happiness that the day expressed.


Rosy Allaway
02/26/2013 12:37

Well done Derryn, they are lovely pics!

Janine Serrurier
03/18/2013 14:43

Absolutely stunning pics!

03/29/2013 08:01

These are probably the most beautiful wedding photographs I have ever seen (in spite of having married off 4 daugthers myself!) - I know the subjects of these photos are very handsome and exquisite, but the composition of the photographs is outstanding.

06/03/2013 14:33

Thank you so much Meg, what a lovely compliment :)


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