As I drove into the gates of Giants Castle in the Berg, I felt incredibly nostalgic.  This was the place that I first experienced the world of wedding photography while assisting Jacki Bruniquel about 4 years ago.  Up until then, I was terrified at the idea of photographing the most important day in a couple's life - and the potential of messing that up. I didn't feel that I had the technical experience behind me, or the life experience to handle the pressures of such a big day..  The truth is that I didn't - BUT, what Jacki showed me was that it really didn't have to be as scary as I was making it. and that as soon as I got a bit more shooting experience - I'd be ready. I've continued to follow Jacki's work and very helpful blog posts and feel privileged to have a friend in one of SA's top wedding photographers.

So here I sit, with the popular months of 2013 already fully booked...about to blog one of my best weddings yet.

I met Lyndsay at Adventure Boot Camp.  As we ran up and down a set of stairs she told me about her 'wedding woes' including the conversations she'd been having with photographers. I didn't say much (I was hyperventilating from exertion) but sent her an email later that day with links to my website.  

Lyndsay and Dave are the nicest people with so much energy - and you'll know that I'm not making this up once you watch their wedding video.  Charity Sarah did an exceptional job on their wedding highlights movie and this is now something that 'Derryn Semple Photography' offers as an add on to your wedding package.  We're still new at it, so I wasn't sure how well it would all come out. But I am ecstatic! and watching the tears fill the corners of Lyndsay's eyes - made all the hours and hard work worth it!

Enjoy the movie - enjoy the photos!


Click the title below  - you'll be re-directed to Vimeo where you can enjoy the movie.  I haven't figured out how to embed it yet.

Lyndsay&Dave's wedding movie


Andrew Tanner-Tremaine
12/02/2012 06:25

Stunning pics, stunning couple, stunning wedding!

Cheryl howard
12/02/2012 09:59

Beautiful moments captured forever, priceless!

12/02/2012 13:17

Derryn was it really 4 years ago???? .... I cannot believe that .. sorry ..... it feels like yesterday. Thanks for the kind words and welldone on some great awesome pics! See you on Thursday!

12/04/2012 07:31

Absolutely amazing! Brought tears to my eyes! You really brought out the personality of these two specials souls! Well done:)

12/04/2012 11:32

Love it!!

12/06/2012 17:19

These are beautiful D! C xx

Janine Serrurier
12/21/2012 14:42

Fabulous pics!


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