Star Wars fans – Marilize and Nico - wed in February at the beautiful Netherwood chapel in the Midlands.  By far, the prettiest chapel I’ve photographed at.  I just love the feeling of space created from the glass sides, back dropped by a valley of rolling hills. And the significance of that beautiful swallow chandelier at the back? Just melts my heart!  Did you know swallows mate for life?  That’s why in older times; a sailor might tattoo a swallow onto his arm as symbolism of having found his one true love.  Perhaps I love that story so much because my boyfriend has two swallows tattooed onto his chest.  He may have got them before we started dating, but oh well – I’m claiming them now. ;)

This couple was all smiles - from the time Nico spotted Marilize walking down the aisle, to their last dance of the evening.  It’s always so wonderful to see a couple that not only love each other, but that are able to have FUN together.  And these two were game for anything.  On their wedding day, they had no problem ‘hiking’ up a hill to stand among the cows (and dung!).  On their post-wedding Trash-The-Dress Shoot, Marilize got soaked from head to toe on our very first shot (My fault!) Eventually the couple gave in; and together holding hands ran into the shore break. Delightful!

We got to see a bit of their playful spirit through the Starwars figurine cake toppers of Han Solo and Leia as well as Nico’s Stormtrooper cufflinks.  They even walked into the reception to the Starwars Imperial March.

Marilize and Nico….may the force be with you.

...and the Trash the Dress Shoot



04/11/2013 07:04

dress the dress is amazing!!!! awesome awesome! x

04/11/2013 07:36

I love the lifeguard tower one!!!

04/11/2013 09:22

love it!! your trash-the-dresses look like such a blast!

04/11/2013 11:29

WOW- Derryn! Absolutely stunning! its amazing to see my sister and Nico having such a blast at her wedding as well as on the trash the dress shoot! Congrats!

Oupa & Ouma McDonald
04/12/2013 09:01

Some of the most beautiful and unusual wedding photos we have ever seen.
They are a lovely, happy & photogenic couple.

04/12/2013 15:50

Amazing location and lighting and gorgeous couple :)

04/13/2013 21:24

favourite wedding so far xx


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