I wasn’t told much about this shoot at Rockwood Forest Lodge, except that Willem Oets had arranged two models, and had space for one more photographer.  I had seen Willem's work before and I knew that he  with the female figure, light and nature so I didn’t really need a lot of persuasion. 

As we turned off the freeway it was evident that we had just missed a MASSIVE hailstorm.  I thought it was snow lying on the side of the road!  The mist rolling across the field was just breath taking – and so the photo taking began.

Because of the hailstorm, we were out of electricity which added to the excitement of the whole weekend.  Candles and red wine kept our spirits up.

There was no plan for the weekend.  We just photographed – how, when and where we wanted to.  What a joy, to not be working ‘for’ something.  There was no album to make, no client to please, no brief and no deadline.  At times I directed the girls but sometimes said nothing and let them express themselves. They were great.

I can’t show all of the photos here as some are inappropriate for the Internet.  But maybe I’ll do an exhibition one day?  If my nerves can take it!

Thanks Willem for the opportunity.  You are such a cool guy and really spoilt us. 


02/20/2013 10:36

Awesome imagery Derryn! beautiful

02/20/2013 10:41

UNBELIEVABLE! Put up the photos and just label them "NSFW" =) This is really really beautiful - what photography SHOULD be. Well done! XXXXX

02/20/2013 10:52

So fab ... pat on back Derryn! You loving the new 50mm? xx

02/20/2013 17:33

Loving the moodiness


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