When Same and Ronnie told me that they were having a morning wedding and that my time slot for creative photos was at midday, I did my best to politely persuade them to rather make it late afternoon. I explained about soft warm light and midday shadows etc etc etc. I even pointed out the beautiful golden sunlight falling on Sam's face as we walked out of Vida. at 4:30pm. They listened nicely to what I had to say but weren't keen on cutting their afternoon party short - so we settled with the deal that if the weather was bad and the skies overcast, we would stick to midday, otherwise I'd get my way. 

It was overcast :) and at about 4pm the heavens opened. The storm was bad enough that I had to drive on the N2 with my hazards on. Good call guys!! I could not have been more grateful for a couple not following my advice.

Sam and Ronnie had warned me that they were very chilled and were planning on having a relaxed wedding.  I hear that rather often and let me tell you - it's very seldom true!  I was pleasantly surprised when the day unfolded stress free and with only smiles and laughter.

Wishing you nothing less for your future together Sam and Ronnie.

11/08/2012 04:57

These are just beautiful Derryn - amazing x


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