Little Madison and her adoring parents have some fun in Balito, Durban.  I did this shoot quite some time back and this blog post has been sitting in my 'Drafts' box.  Not sure why - but it's about time I share them I'd say.

She is SUCH a character and made the best facial expressions and sounds! Kim was bothered that Madison wasn't at her 'best'. I can't imagine what that must look like cos I thought she was fricken awesome!!!!
Claudio has his commercial pilots license, and Michelle's Dad is in aviation too - so it seemed fitting to have their engagement shoot with airplanes.  Having flown down from Joburg, this lovely couple were up for anything, so enthusiastic and a real dream to work with.

The owner of these two planes gave me a bit of background into the history of the aircraft:  After the Cold War, there were heaps of Soviet aircraft lying around the US - literally just lying around.  Somebody took these planes, refurbished them and found willing buyers all over the world.  

Aren't they just precious?? 
(The planes.... AND the couple...)

See you in June for the Big Day. 


I must admit - pregnancy shoots make me nervous.   So much of what I create comes from 'feeling'.   When he catches her eye and they start to giggle or when a mother looks at her baby with love and warmth.  Pregnant women seldom feel their best toward the end of their term.  How do I pose a woman who feels like a tank? 

Danielle and I had a bit of time to chat before Mark arrived from work.  She told me that she very nearly didn't make it and had to 'team talk' herself off the couch.  I'd say 50% of maternity shoots that I book will postpone for another day or even flat-out cancel. Well done Danielle for soldiering through.  

Danielle and Mark were extremely comfortable in front of the camera -making any anxiety I had disappear, and I really really like the shots that we got.

I'm leaning towards the B&W more on this shoot.  Anyone with me on this?

TIP: For posing on a shoot like this, try not to think about the presence of the photographer...enjoy the moment that you are having with each other and if that means moving position slightly away from the photographers suggestion to get comfortable - do it.. 

Sarah and Richard had a beautiful morning wedding at Kings Grant in Ixopo.  The weather was perfect, the food was THE most delicious I've tasted at a wedding and everybody had a lovely day.

Here's an interesting fact.  Ixopo was given it's name because of the squelching sound a cow's hoof makes when it is pulled out the mud.  Cool huh?

I've know Camish for years - we went to same High School, so I was naturally thrilled to hear of her engagement.

Congratulations to the two of you and wishing you luck as you plan your very exciting and unique wedding.

View Camish and Justin's motion picture by Charity Sarah.
The Cokaynes are regular clients.  Gaelyn (my sister) adores her family and takes any opportunity she can to document their lives together.

I'm a bit bored of photographing them all in a tight squeeze, smiling at me through the camera - so decided to do something more active.  I had seen this rock pool in Salt Rock some time ago and was waiting for the right opportunity to use it. 

The idea was to just photograph them doing what they do. What any family would - play, chat, enjoy each others company. 

We woke up at 4am, got there at 5am and started shooting immediately. YAWN!! Chris and Zoe are NOT morning people and both struggled to keep their eyes open. Until they leaped into the water! It was wonderful, it was warm, there were fish swimming around our toes. I got a little creeped out when I stood on something slimy so spent the next 10 minutes treading water, trying to keep my camera dry - those years as a synchronized swimmer paying off!

The early morning was so worth it and I'm pleased that they have a different kind of family portrait to add to the Cokayne wall.

Thanks for brekkie guys.

View The Cokayne Sunrise Motion picture by Charity Sarah.
Nothing like a little tap dance at 6am to get you energized for the day! Thanks Charity for taking 
this shot of my sis and I.
Thanks again Charity.  I don't have many photos of my family AND I, so I'll treasure this one.
Michelle and Ben are the sweetest couple.  He's from the States, she's from SA and they met on a Christian dating website.   I'll save their story for when I blog their wedding photos.  

For now though....enjoy the sweetness that took place at Ushaka Beach on the Moyo pier.  It took us a while to arrange a day to shoot as Durban has seen a lot of rain recently...but when we got it, it was beautiful!!

High -: seeing dolphins from the pier, Low - getting stung by a blue bottle. :(
Charity and Reece are the youngest married friends that I have.   Being unmarried and 26, I always wondered how people can commit and KNOW at such a young age who they want to spend their lives with. 

Having got to know these two however, I can see that age means nothing. They love each other fiercely and are incredibly committed to one another.  It's beautiful to watch and I love being in their company!! 

Photographing their anniversary photos in Durban's City Center was great.  Charity is actually Canadian and has made a life here with her husband.  (Commitment eh??)

I hardly ever get to venture into this other world, while I'm stuck up in the suburbs.  Quite a shame really - the architecture of our old buildings is amazing and worth being enjoyed.  Reece was the one who suggested the we climb to the top of the Royal hotel to enjoy the sunset (high five Reece!) and eat the cake that Charity very lovingly baked.

While up there we also got to watch a French/South African production team set up for a spectacular trapeze show that was performed 2 days later.  Now THAT was incredible - but alas, I took that evening off and did not carry my camera. so have nothing to show you.

Enjoy the photos and HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Charity & Reece.

I chanced upon this cute little beach spot while looking for a bonfire that my friends where meant to have been at.  I didn't find the bonfire, but was thrilled to find a new location. Yippee! 

Congrats to Shiksha and Pravesen on their engagement. Thank you for putting up with that sneaky sea breeze...I know it crept naughtily up your skirt a few times Shiksha. You were very patient. :) 
I haven’t photographed a newborn baby in a while, so was thrilled to meet little Devon.  He was such a good boy, even though we passed him between Mom and Dad, dressed and undressed him and took him outside on the hottest day EVER!

We worked out before the shoot that Robyn’s maiden name was Semple – thereby relating us (OK….maybe removed 100 times!)  I don’ have any cousins, so I casually adopted her :)