While I'm best know for my child portraits and more recently wedding coverage, fashion photography is something that I'm interested in but have not taken the time to really pursue.  Recently, an opportunity fell into my lap to photograph alongside Kevin Goss-Ross for the Kingsley Heath fashion shoot, and now - well - the match has been lit.

Need a fashion photographer?? PICK ME, PICK ME!

Shooting at Tala Game Reserve was a dream; African sunrise, giraffe in the background, beautiful people and relaxed clients.  Although quite a pressured day - with a whole heap of shots and clothing changes to get through...we worked with a group of really cool and like-minded people and that made it a world of fun!  The make up and hair was done by Kezia Myatt from Make-Me-Up. I just wish the photographers got the make over too...we certainly need it after a long day.

Having the chance to watch other photographers in action and being exposed to different areas in the industry, gives one the opportunity to really fine-tune their trade.  I am still unsure of which area in photography I am best suited, but am allowing myself the time to figure it out as I go along - and am open to any opportunity that might come my way.  Maybe one day I'll figure out what my 'thing' is, or maybe I won't - and rather cover all areas of photography that find me...who knows?  For now, I feel that I am in the right place at the right time.

Kingsley Heath have stores in Dubai and in various parts of South Africa.   Be sure to check them out and support a local brand...

Behind the scenes.....


08/29/2012 10:12

TOTALLY RAD my friend! High-FIVE for expanding your horizons as a photographer! Job bladdy well done! xxx


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