For final year school girls, the Matric Dance (Senior Prom)  is undoubtably THE highlight of the year.  

I have known Lara since she was about 11 years old.  My sister and I got her involved in synchronized swimming and coached her on and off for about 5 years.  She was - and is - the funniest little character ever.  Except now she's not so little!  She's gettin' all grown up - and absolutely gorgeous!!

I took a bit of time before Lara headed off to her dance to get some portraits. This girl really knows how to work it.  

I attended the same High School as Lara and had my Matric Dance 9 years ago. For fun, I've added a photo of me and my 'then-and-now' boyfriend .  We  clearly DIDN''T know how to work it. :)
This is my boyfriend and I about 9 years ago at MY Matric Dance.  His brother David joined in on the excitement and decided to wear a suit too - just like his brother and biggest idol.


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