Well hello there....

The bad news is that this blog is no longer in use.  The GOOD news is that all you have to do is click HERE to go my newer and frankly much nicer website!!
If you have been following my blog for the past year, you'll have noticed that I had a bit of an identity crisis.  I had a beautiful green logo with a bird made for me by the talented Taryn McIntosh.  While I absolutely adored the logo, I began to feel I was outgrowing it and wanted something a bit different - so I fiddled with a picture that my assistant Micaela had taken of me working, and wrote my name in cursivey writing.  It was cute, but didn't really represent me or say much of my business. 

SO ... I fiddled and faffed, and brainstormed and soul searched.  I thought about who my ideal client would be and how I could attract those kinds of people.  What is MY idea of a perfect wedding and what would make my job enjoyable and satisfying.  Because if I wake up excited to be at your wedding and feel inspired by the love and beauty during the day - I know I'll be able to create magic with your photos.

With a few ideas swimming around in my head (my boyfriend tells me I have Ping Pong brain with all the ideas and thoughts bouncing around) - I received an email from jewelry designer and all round creative person Genevieve Motley inviting me to exhibit at her Pop-up-bridal fair.  What better time to solidify all these ideas I have and launch my new brand???  So here we are 1 month from the fair - and I'm finalizing details, re-designing my website and planning a styled shoot.

If you are a bride-to-be, THIS is the bridal fair you want to attend.  It is small and intimate and has only vendors that Genevieve believes to be some of Durban's best.  I have never done a bridal fair before - but this one appealed to me right away.  If you do attend, please be sure to come say hi. I love talking wedding.  There will be a few give-aways on Sunday as well as a lucky draw on Saturday night where you could be the winner of an engagement shoot with me. (I have a wedding on Saturday, so don't try look for me then - but I'll be by my stand all day Sunday.  I take my coffee with milk no sugar) ;) Thanks.
So back to the new branding...
  I can't share too much at this point BUT I can tell you that there is still some green in there, and I'm loving it.

Stay tuned for more...

Shalwyn is a beautiful wedding venue! And it was perfect for the very pretty wedding of Kate to Mark.  From Kate’s lacey dress to the pink flowers and little sweetie table…it was all kinds of pretty.

Kate and Mark, thank you for the opportunity to photograph your wedding.  I really hope to see more of you guys.  Come back when you’ve made cute ‘lil babies…ya hear me?? 

Little Madison and her adoring parents have some fun in Balito, Durban.  I did this shoot quite some time back and this blog post has been sitting in my 'Drafts' box.  Not sure why - but it's about time I share them I'd say.

She is SUCH a character and made the best facial expressions and sounds! Kim was bothered that Madison wasn't at her 'best'. I can't imagine what that must look like cos I thought she was fricken awesome!!!!
COLD and WET and MUDDY. Not the kind of weather any bride hopes for on her wedding date.  But Justine took this in her high-heeled stride and was not going to allow anything dampen her day.

Justine and Gareth got married at Straven Court – one of the best venues that I have had the opportunity to photograph at this year. It really is stunning – even in the rain.

When the party started – it started! It was obvious that this couple has a great group of friends and family. Charity and I left around 11pm and things were still going strong.

Justine and Gareth, I was sad to have your album in my hands for only a few minutes before passing it on. But I hope that it brings you a life-time of joy as you reflect back on that magical day.


When Amy and Kyle got engaged, we were all so thrilled but not surprised at all.  They have been dating since they were 14.  Yup that’s right.  Amy and Kyle are very good friends of mine - our friendship circles have been tightly linked since early high school.  Amy is an occupational therapist at Livingston and Kyle a teacher at Marist Brothers – don’t they already sound dreamy? Both come from exceptionally loving and supportive families resulting in two very down to earth magical people.  

A few drinks into their engagement party, Amy said “oh ya, Dez – we were wondering if you would be our photographer?” of course I said “Hell ya!!”  And that’s how casually they took the whole affair.  We had to bribe Kyle into having photos taken while he was getting ready by allowing him his own ‘shot’.  Check out the gangster AWEH photo below – that’s all Kyle!

This wedding was not a job at all – it was a celebration of wonderful people. It sounds like a cliché, but I felt incredibly honoured to be up there photographing for them and witnessing this magic at such close proximity.

Amy&Kyle – Congratulations!

Blogging advice always says to stick to around 20 photos. Bwa ha ha – not gonna happen. I just can’t. I even got my boyfriend to help me cull.  I don’t think anyone could get bored of these two though – they’re incredibly beautiful little people. 

So, enjoy……

In the mean time..... My 2nd shooter for this wedding Xavier, was creating this magic with the ever so sexy Kyle
The service was at the Maris Stella school chapel.  It is a breath taking setting for a wedding - but only open to old girls (who are practicing Catholics.) Therefor quite exclusive.  If you fit the criteria, I suggest that you seriously consider a wedding here. Magical!
And now.....onto the reception at the Durban Country Club
I’m still alive, I’m still alive ….

I am way way WAY behind in my blogging this year, that’s all. 

The workload over April, May and June hit me really hard and then the day after my last wedding I flew off to New York for a family holiday.  That left July to get up to date on all of my editing and photo books and August to well….breathe.

I’m back though, I’m feeling good and I’m ready to share my shenanigans with you.

I’m going to work backwards…starting with either my trip to New York or Amy&Kyle’s wedding - The highlight of my wedding career thus far.  Amy&Kyle have been friends for well over 10 years, and I must have known 90% of the guests there… making the job, not a job at all.  It was such an honour to be on ‘the inside’ and witness their marriage day at such close proximity. It was the BEST way possible to end off the wedding season.

This is one of my favourite spreads from their wedding book.

And then, NEW YORK happened! 

This is the flat Iron building, one of the most photographed buildings in New York. 
A corny family photo (blush) - with Brooklyn on the left and Manhattan on the right.  Love the iphone panorama!
We flew from Durban to Dubai to JFK. It was exhausting.  My Mom and twin sister got upgraded to business class on the way there. Not sure how that happened, but I felt like Jack Dawson from Titanic as they waved good bye.
New York was fast. Everything moved quickly. I see how easy it is to get caught up in the pace of big city life, and was quite relieved when I got back to my home in slow and very chilled Durban. :)
That's it for now.  I promise I will have a full blog post on one of the above stories before the week is over.

When Robyn and Anthony first contacted me, they were having their wedding on a Saturday in Durban.  A few months before the wedding, they had to change their date and location to a Friday in JHB. When Robyn emailed to tell me the change in plan, I could sense that she was a little stressed that I wouldn't accommodate her and the change.  But flying from Durban-JHB first thing in the morning with all the business men and their briefcases, holding my camera bag and light stands.  Who would say no to that?? Micaela and I felt like Top class traveling photographers.  Just as well I had the excitement of the flight to get my adrenaline going - it was an early start, a late night and I had shot a wedding the day before!!

Robs and Ant are really such lovely people and were such fun to be around.  Robyn's Dad had the 'coolest' moves I've seen and had the whole room cheering and clapping along  as he boogied with his baby girl.

Thanks for the opportunity of a lovely adventure for Micaela and I.  I wish you two all the best for the future.

This veil has been passed through the family for 100 years. Isn't that just incredible??
I have never seen  a mover like Robyn's Dad.  So impressive!
For final year school girls, the Matric Dance (Senior Prom)  is undoubtably THE highlight of the year.  

I have known Lara since she was about 11 years old.  My sister and I got her involved in synchronized swimming and coached her on and off for about 5 years.  She was - and is - the funniest little character ever.  Except now she's not so little!  She's gettin' all grown up - and absolutely gorgeous!!

I took a bit of time before Lara headed off to her dance to get some portraits. This girl really knows how to work it.  

I attended the same High School as Lara and had my Matric Dance 9 years ago. For fun, I've added a photo of me and my 'then-and-now' boyfriend .  We  clearly DIDN''T know how to work it. :)
This is my boyfriend and I about 9 years ago at MY Matric Dance.  His brother David joined in on the excitement and decided to wear a suit too - just like his brother and biggest idol.
Star Wars fans – Marilize and Nico - wed in February at the beautiful Netherwood chapel in the Midlands.  By far, the prettiest chapel I’ve photographed at.  I just love the feeling of space created from the glass sides, back dropped by a valley of rolling hills. And the significance of that beautiful swallow chandelier at the back? Just melts my heart!  Did you know swallows mate for life?  That’s why in older times; a sailor might tattoo a swallow onto his arm as symbolism of having found his one true love.  Perhaps I love that story so much because my boyfriend has two swallows tattooed onto his chest.  He may have got them before we started dating, but oh well – I’m claiming them now. ;)

This couple was all smiles - from the time Nico spotted Marilize walking down the aisle, to their last dance of the evening.  It’s always so wonderful to see a couple that not only love each other, but that are able to have FUN together.  And these two were game for anything.  On their wedding day, they had no problem ‘hiking’ up a hill to stand among the cows (and dung!).  On their post-wedding Trash-The-Dress Shoot, Marilize got soaked from head to toe on our very first shot (My fault!) Eventually the couple gave in; and together holding hands ran into the shore break. Delightful!

We got to see a bit of their playful spirit through the Starwars figurine cake toppers of Han Solo and Leia as well as Nico’s Stormtrooper cufflinks.  They even walked into the reception to the Starwars Imperial March.

Marilize and Nico….may the force be with you.

...and the Trash the Dress Shoot